See this official 2015 hype cycle video here to get it straight from Gartner.

In the video she says, first, it’s passed over the hump and is no longer just hype.  Second, it’s embedded within other items throughout the cycle now.  I can understand how this can get confusing to track and qualify, but isn’t the purpose of the cycle to show things move along and “pass the grade” into productivity?  Just dropping it seems to not give it the chance to graduate from the cellar of despair into the sunshine of productivity.

I first read about it when Bill Vorhies wrote about it on his blog – here is the image he presents:

From Bill Vorhies blog

It was a helpful read but when he summed up his response, I was confused:

“When I first took a stab at making a definition I concluded that Big Data was really more about a new technology in search of a problem to solve.  That technology was NoSQL DBs and it could solve problems in all three of those Vs.  Maybe we should have just called it NoSQL and let it go at that.

Yikes.  I know NoSQL is still big and important but so many enterprise solutions of Big Data platforms have nothing to do with.  I must misunderstand the quote, as NoSQL can certainly be part of Big Data but is Big Data really just NoSQL?

I beg to differ – but then again I work with Actian’s  (Yes)SQL in Hadoop platform.

No NoSQL required 😉


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