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4 Webinars This Week – GPU, 5G, graph analytics, cloud

4 Webinars I’m Watching This Week – GPU, 5G, graph analytics, cloud… Accelerating Data Science Workflows With Rapids How RAPIDS accelerates your Python data science toolchain with minimal code changes and no new tools to learn. How RAPIDS can accelerate model training and time to deployment. The wealth of accelerated apps available to maximize datacenter […]

Hadoop Options for SQL Databases

SQL in Hadoop Solution Comparison Chart

Drowning while trying to understand your options for SQL-based database management in Hadoop?  This graphic is a simplified comparison of the various features of several popular products being used today.  I outline some of my biggest differentiators in this post. While this is a marketing slide for Actian’s SQL in Hadoop enterprise solution, I wish I saw it earlier so I could […]

Spatial Data Made Useful

Geospatial Power Tools book cover

Everyone that deals with geographic/spatial/geospatial data knows they need specialised tools for the job.  Fortunately, there are a ton of open source tools up for the challenge.  In my latest book, Geospatial Power Tools, I show how to use an advanced set of command line tools that you can start using today.  From re-projecting point coordinates […]

Zeppelin Notebook Tutorial Walkthrough

This is my short video (14 min) showing how to build and launch the Apache Zeppelin notebook platform – a web UI for interactive query and analysis.  This is all done running locally via OSX on a Macbook. In this video we focus on using the tutorial notebook that comes with Zeppelin and discuss each step – including interactive querying and charting – […]

Home Energy Monitor Series – Internet of Things

IoT Energy Series Header Image showing home energy gateway and monitor services

Recently I started an Internet of Things series on my experiences installing, using and analysing data from a smart electrical meter.  This included a BC Hydro smart meter, Eagle monitoring gateway from rainforest automation, and a cloud-based analytics service from Bidgely. I’ve collated all the posts on the topic for you below.  More will be […]

IoT Day 4: Bidgely Cloud Energy Monitor Dashboard

Bidgely Energy Monitor - Appliance Breakdown

After a week of collecting smart meter readings, I’m now ready to show results in a cloud-based energy monitor system – Bidgely – complete with graphs showing readings, cost and machine learning results breaking down my usage by appliance. This is part 4 of a series of posts about the Internet of Things applied to Home Energy […]

Review of 3 Recent Internet of Thing (IoT) Announcements

Amazon dash buttons image - showing handheld scanning device

Working in the big data and analytics space, I’m always interested in parts of the Internet of Things (IoT) that will produce more data, require more backend systems, and help users/customers get on with their day better. The past week has shown a few interesting announcements relating to Internet of Things topics.  Here are just […]