Recently I started an Internet of Things series on my experiences installing, using and analysing data from a smart electrical meter.  This included a BC Hydro smart meter, Eagle monitoring gateway from rainforest automation, and a cloud-based analytics service from Bidgely.

I’ve collated all the posts on the topic for you below.  More will be added as I write them.  Enjoy!

Graph showing electricity usage from an Eagle home enery monitor IoT Day 1: Home Energy Monitoring (3/27/2015) -   In my next series of blog posts we explore an Internet of Things topic – Home energy monitoring – from a first person perspective.  Join me as I install, use and hack a monitor (and related cloud services) in my new home. This is part 1 of a series of posts about the Internet of […]
Bidgely Appliance Detective Mode IoT Day 2: Cloud Services for Energy Monitoring (3/28/2015) - Energy monitoring isn’t only about knowing what’s happening right now, but also understanding what happened historically.  Often that includes knowing not just what was happening but also when and why.  Enter cloud services for energy monitoring.  They range from simple charts and graphs to predicting your usage over time – essentially storing, analysing and enriching your […]
Eagle energy monitor data download as CSV file IoT Day 3: Viewing data on the Eagle Energy Monitor (3/29/2015) - The Eagle energy monitor from Rainforest Automation is a very handy device.  It reads the wireless signal from my electricity meter and makes it available through a web interface – both a graphical environment and a RESTful API.  In this post we look at the standard graphical screens and the data download option. Next time […]
Bidgely Energy Monitor - Appliance Breakdown IoT Day 4: Bidgely Cloud Energy Monitor Dashboard (4/5/2015) - After a week of collecting smart meter readings, I’m now ready to show results in a cloud-based energy monitor system – Bidgely – complete with graphs showing readings, cost and machine learning results breaking down my usage by appliance. This is part 4 of a series of posts about the Internet of Things applied to Home Energy […]


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