Graph developed from Tyler Mitchell's LinkedIn connections.

I pulled this visualization of my LinkedIn social graph together in just a few minutes while working through a tutorial.  What about other social networks?  Give me your input…

I’m picking away at an article reviewing the various ways to access your own, personal, social graph data from the various sources out there.

Wow, what a mixture of results are available through the different APIs that are exposed.  Some good and some bad – some really bad!  I’m especially interested in assessing how many “walled gardens” got taller or shorter walls this year.

Your Social Graph Projects?

I’d like to add your input to my research.  If you have:

  • built an app that leverages social network graph data to identify relationships
  • run social network or graph analytics on such data, or
  • just generally worked with APIs from Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook (or others)

… I’d like to hear from you.  What information could you not get access to?  What information was easiest to come by?  Were some barriers insurmountable?

I’ll be completing my article, with both high level and technical “how to” reviews, later this year.

Please comment here or drop me a note.

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